Here are some pictures of some recent cross connection/backflow repair work at a commercial site in Piney Flats TN. We provide after hours scheduling to limit any down time without water and work closely with local water providers to insure our customers are in compliance.

We repaired a main line leak and replaced old galvanized 2" pipe at this commercial site in Bristol TN over the weekend and we were able to restore service before Monday morning. If you are a facilities manager, property manager or own a commercial building in Tennessee give us a call and we can work around your schedule.

Low water pressure at your home or business? It might be corrosion in old galvanized pipe. Take a look at this picture of a galvanized 3/4" domestic supply line that we replaced this week, you could barely fit a pencil through it. Call us today if you are experiencing low water pressure.

We are working on a septic field repair, if you are constantly having your septic tank pumped then the field lines may be clogged or damaged. Volunteer Underground is licensed by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation to repair and install septic systems, give us a call for your septic needs in East Tennessee.

Some areas are harder than others to irrigate. We just installed some RainBird micro-sprays in these planters. No more hand watering and the micro-sprays are hidden. If you have a tough area to irrigate, give us a call.